Our process at Office Chair City is simple but efficient. We build specialized teams around each project to handle every phase seamlessly. And once your space comes to life, our goal is to make sure you love it so much that a debut party is in order. 

Our team of highly skilled professionals will impress you with their innovative techniques in office design. Companies across the United States trust Office Chair City to create smart workspaces in a timely fashion. Read about our process below:


  1. We Listen It’s your design, your culture, your company. You supply the vision. Then we add the observation, the expertise, and all the imagination you can handle. When preparation begins, and the dialogue starts experience matters. So do ears. We understand what goes into creating an excellent workplace, but we also get what it means to listen actively. With Office Chair City, we do our best to balance both.
  2. We Coordinate You know what assuming does. (And no one has time for any of that.) Instead of working off of any assumptions, we focus on the concrete goals and tangible expectations of everyone involved in creating your workspace. This is where our highly skilled team members focus and come together to establish a thoughtful, meaningful plan to create your workspace on time and stay within your budget. 
  3. We Get To Work When deadlines are short, and expectations are high, you’ll need a highly responsive team dedicated to handling all the moving parts of a deceptively complex process. Essentially our team can meet (and exceed) the goals on both ends. From specification to installation, you’ll find one of our specialists at every step of the way to make it seamless and easy.


Once the dust settles, you’ve got a beautiful space, one that captures your culture and identity in a physical formation. More importantly, you have a partner that can help you adapt going forward. We understand that a healthy business is never static and never complete. Refreshing, expanding, contracting, we know what worked yesterday may not work tomorrow. So wherever that tomorrow takes you, we’ll be there to help make sure your workspace is the easy part of any business change.

To talk to someone on our team, and receive more information on our process in office design give us a call at 800-761-0393 or send an email to sales@officechaircity.com.