Basics of Cubicle Configuration

Cubicles come in pods, rows or independent workstations. If it's not too much trouble check the desk area depiction region on each of our item postings for how they are sold. We will work with clients to redo our pre-possessed desk areas to fit their space, however, there will be an extra expense for changing the design from how we exchanged the item as more parts and pieces will be expected to achieve the objective. If it's not too much trouble furnish your business agent with your itemized space design or let us recognize what you're searching for and we can help format the space.

To enable you to better comprehend desk areas and why they require proficient establishment and arranging, we have given a chart of a standard case of 6, consider it like a six pack of pop with the spine being the common component that holds the 6 jars or workspace workstations together.


As a case of 6, there are many shared components including the power whip, spine, connectors, boards, and tops. In the event that you needed to change over this case of 6 to 2 columns of 3, you would be short many pieces, as all the common components would never again be shared, abandoning you with one finish line of 3 and just remaining pieces that would not make another line of 3. In the event that you endeavored to influence a column of 4 to out of this unit of 6, you would require extra pieces also.

Make sure to indicate when purchasing your 3D squares on the off chance that they will be against a divider or have the backs uncovered (coasting), as once in a while utilized desk areas bought in cases might not have completed backboards or trim pieces required for a gliding line.



Above are 2 rows of 4 cubicles for telemarketing cubicles. Much the same as with the unit of 6 above there are many shared components, so in the event that you needed to make independent work areas out of the 8 (2 cubicles of 4) imagine, you would just have the capacity to make 5 singular stations. Remember, in the event that you changed the profundity or width of the telemarketing station while making independent work areas, you would likely need more pieces like boards and connectors for instance.

Customizing Your Workstation

As we've just talked about, balanced arrangements might be acquired to meet your space design. On the off chance that there is a particular size of a cubicle, panel stature or material (like glass) you might want to use in your work area and you don't see it offered in our desk area segment, please talk with a business delegate. As requirements emerge, we will source cubicles, and we've been known to alter our stock to suit the customer's demand. For instance, changing tall panels too short, protracting or shortening the width of the panel, including glass boards, or recouping panels to another texture.


Cubicle Installation requires an office furniture professional, we firmly urge our customers to procure an installer and renounce any DIY cubicle installs. Used cubicles do not come with any instructions and normally arrive on a pallet and in speed packs where the installer should sort out the different parts. Customers are in charge of repowering cubicles to be agreeable with their state and city codes. We have a system of union and non-union installers; we are upbeat to help you with choosing a supplier or relying on the workstations our in-house group might have the capacity to install it for you.

Contingent upon the size of your project, a cubicle installation may take a couple of hours or a couple of days and require extra vendors. If you are purchasing powered cubicles, you should hire an electrician to run the power to the cubicles and make them live. If you are running data and power through the raceways we suggest you have those vendors on site during the cubicle installation so they can run there electrical and data lines through the workstations.

Like many installation projects, there may be a punchlist after your initial install is finished. Regularly the punch list things are cosmetic and will enable you to still use the cubicles. There are times when the punch list parts should be requested from the manufacturer or another supplier, we will work with the supplier to get you the rest of the parts as quickly as time permits. In a perfect world, you will have the parts required for the total installation, yet we need to be prospective and straightforward that your installer may need to furnish us with a punch list. We will strive to determine any issues in a convenient way, we need you to be satisfied with your experience and workstation.

Please note to prevent any problems occurring during a project. We have a staff of full-time Project Managers and Space Planners to assist you with anything you may need during the project lifecycle. Please don't hesitate to ask us if you have any questions or concerns.